This site provides an opportunity to share my prose and poetry with a wide and varied audience while gaining some much needed feedback. On these pages you'll find links to my novels, short stories, personal essays, fictive memoirs, poetry and visual arts.

Come on in, look around, and perhaps you'll find something that you like. If you have comments and constructive criticism, send me an e-mail. I'm always glad to hear from other writers and readers. And ... if you find something you like, and decide to copy or print it, please read my Rights Notice first.

A lifelong writer, I funded my habit by tapping an eclectic array of jobs, from lab tech to arts administrator, from exploration geologist to desktop publisher, and from vernacular engineer to, finally, Web manager for the Utah Department of Environmental Quality. Now retired, I've continued writing, focusing on exploring my past through prose and poetry, and can now dedicate time to locating quarterlies and journals willing to accept my work. Check out how I became a writer.

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Recent Activity

This is where I get to brag about recent publications and awards and new additions to this site. Hopefully more will follow..


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