"For the poet to love something means to catch it up in his imagination,
to warm it and foster it there, to play with it,
to saturate it with his own soul, to animate it with his own breath."

—H. Hesse

I've been writing stories since I was in grade school. In college I began writing poetry and had some success along that line for a little over a decade. After moving west I shifted into a fiction mode, and that's pretty much where I've stayed. What you will find on this page are examples of my published work and several collections of my prose poetry.

Before printing or copying any of these poems please read my Rights Notice.


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Poetry Collections

Most literary journals, reviews, and anthologies require First North American Serial Rights at the time of publication. Once a piece has been published on a Web site those rights have been lost. So I will not provide downloadable PDFs here, online, until a piece has been published elsewhere. Check with the list of published poems for samples of my work.


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