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We enjoy camping, hiking, backpacking and exploring the parks and trails of the western United States, especially Southern Utah. Kick around our site, see where we've been, and if you have questions or comments, send us an e-mail ... we'd love to hear from you.






Fresh Tracks (Updated December 31, 2016)
If you hike to our campsite often, walk down this short side path when you first arrive. You'll find links to the most recent updates and new locations, fresh personal notes, and information on our recent hikes and explorations.

Information on parks, recreation areas, trails, campgrounds, byways, archaeological sites, ghost towns, and other points of interest in the western United States. Featured locations are those we've visited personally.

Tips on hiking, camping, and outdoor skills, as well as basic information on plants and animals commonly found in the region, plus links to other related sources.

Links to outside sources with related topics, additional resources, and governmental agencies that have responsibility for our public lands.

Site Map
A quick way to find your way around our entire campsite—an alphabetical listing of the entire contents.

Pull up a log, enjoy the warmth of the fire, and visit, if you'd like to find out a bit more about us.


Anne along the Buckhorn Trail in the Red Canyon Recreation Area, Utah.We update the information on this site as often as we can between adventures and work, so don't hesitate to head back down this trail. If we can help plan a trip, find a special trail, or direct you to a suitable campsite of your own, send us an e-mail. We'd be glad to point you in the right direction (for free—we do this because we love it).

One last thing, before you explore our camp—we'd like to know if you've found related links that don't appear on our pages, or if you find that some of our links lead into a box canyon. Few of us enjoy backtracking, if we can avoid it. And make sure you've made a bookmark of our site before you leave ... so you can find your way back.

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