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No smoking in camp. Please.


Hiker petroglyph from the V Bar V Ranch in Arizona.

Campfire for Canyon Country Notebook.Campfire

Pull up a stump, sit awhile, and enjoy the fire. Sorry about the smoke.

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"In canyon country, you pick your own path."

Terry Tempest Williams, from An Unspoken Hunger

Frank and Anne

When we're not camping or hiking we spend most of our time in Sandy, Utah where we found the best compromise possible. We work in the Salt Lake area, but head out whenever we have the chance. Within three to six hours we can be among the canyons and ranges of many national parks and monuments, from the Great Basin to the Uinta Mountains, and from the Yellowstone River to the slickrock country of the Colorado Plateau. If we could find secure employment, we'd live in the red rock country year-round, and probably seldom leave.


I spent my first 29 years in Omaha, moved to Tucson in 1979, and began working in exploration geology, visiting a great deal of backcountry in Nevada, Arizona, and California. More recently I've worked as a technical writer, desktop publisher, and Web Master for the Utah Department of Environmental Quality. In my spare time, when we're not out exploring, I write short fiction, novels, and poetry.


I was born in Crocket, California but spent most of my life enjoying the warmth of the desert around Tucson. I enjoy reading and bowling, as well as cross-stitch, needle point, knitting, and crocheting. Right now I'm the Purchasing Agent for the State of Utah's Division of Fleet Operations. Someday I'd really like to own and operate my own bed and breakfast, or a small inn.

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