Pull up a stump, sit awhile, and enjoy the fire. Sorry about the smoke.

This is a good place to get to know each other. Explore below to find out more about us, and send us an e-mail about your interests, experiences, and how you liked our site. And thank you for visiting our camp. We hope you've made a discovery or two. Come back and visit often.

"In canyon country, you pick your own path."

Terry Tempest Williams, from An Unspoken Hunger

Campfire for Canyon Country Notebook.

A Note from Frank and Anne

The usual patterns of our life have changed over the past couple of years due to health issues and an ailing elderly cat. We haven't been doing as much exploring and hiking as we'd like. To compensate, we spent as much time as we could find visiting some of the smaller and closer destinations that we skipped over the years. You know, those places that are right there in front of your face but you've skipped in favor of the more exotic distant locations. Most of these destinations we could experience in a single day.

As conditions improved our ability to travel greater distances has increased and we can now pick up where we left off and add many more interesting destinations to these pages, with lots more fresh photos. We also would like to get back to many of the places we've visited in the past. Some we haven't seen in one or more decades. Way too long. Besides, we have better cameras now and can provide better quality images for our visitors to view.

And it's still true that within three to six hours we can be among the canyons and ranges of many national parks and monuments, from the Great Basin to the Uinta Mountains, and from the Yellowstone River to the slickrock country of the Colorado Plateau. It's all there just waiting for us ... and for you. Hope to see you on the trail someday.




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