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If you would like to exchange links, this page will tell you what we need to know.





If you know of, or have, a Web site with content related to the topics on our pages, especially hiking, camping, backpacking, national parks and monuments, archaeology, ghost towns, historic sites, or other outdoor locations in the western United States, send us the link and we'll consider it for inclusion on one or more of our pages.

A link from our site does not imply an endorsement of the content or products presented on the site. These links are provided as a service to our visitors. Please report inappropriate links.

General Considerations

There are many reasons for exchanging links. We place external links on our Web pages for the benefit of our visitors. It is a service which we provide to enhance the experience of our guests and the value of our site.

We do realize that reciprocal linking enhances positioning on the results of some search engines. If you control a Web site with content or services related to any of the topics presented within our site, we are interested in considering an exchange of link information for our mutual benefit.

Our goal is to create and maintain a quality site with clear, valid, valuable content. Part of this content consists of links to Web sites with a similar purpose and content. We are constantly browsing for fresh sites and new information. So we appreciate your input and suggested links. However, we reserve the right to reject any link request if we deem the content of a site to have little value for our visitors, if the content is not sufficiently related to the subject of our site, or if the content is inappropriate in some way.

Once a reciprocal link is established we reserve the right to remove it from our site if the content of your site changes or the address becomes broken.

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If you do link to our site, we suggest that you use the following title and description:

Canyon Country Notebook
( Note: The title can be the link, so the URL does not have to be listed separate from the title, unless that is your usual presentation method.
Notes and information on destinations in the American West.


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