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Pipe Spring National Monument

AZ Icon Pipe Spring National Monument
HC65 Box 5
Fredonia, Arizona 86022
Phone: 520-643-7105

For millennia Pipe Spring has drawn a succession of peoples, either as an oasis on their journeys or as a water source for permanent settlements. The spring is on the Arizona Strip, a vast, isolated landscape that lies between the Grand Canyon and the Vermillion Cliffs of Northern Arizona.

Pipe Springs National Monument offers a glimpse of American Indian and pioneer life in the old west. Windsor Castle can be seen by guided tour every half hour. Visitors can see the rest of the monument at their leisure.


Pipe Spring, 14 miles southwest of Fredonia, Arizona, is reached from U.S. 89A via Arizona 389. From I-15, Utah State Highways 9 and 17 connect with Utah 59 at Hurricane, Utah, which leads to Arizona 389.


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Regulations and Precautions

  • Watch your children around the pools.
  • Be especially careful of steep stairways and low doorways in buildings.
  • The Monument's livestock are not tame; keep a safe distance.
  • There are rattlesnakes and other desert wildlife in the area.

Pipe Spring National Monument, Arizona.

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