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Inside Cove Fort, Utah.Cove Fort Historic Site

Personal Notes

This page presents our personal notes on our visit to the Cove Fort Historic Site in Utah.





Friday, November 16, 2007

We have driven by the Cove Fort signs on Interstate 15 and 70 on many occasions, but we've never found the time to stop. So on this trip we made a point to turn off and visit the historic site.

9:44 a.m.
We arrived at Cove Fort and found a parking spot near the clean picnic area. There are tables under tall trees that no doubt provide wonderful shade in the summer months. Right now there are leaves scattered on the ground and that pleasing fall atmosphere abounds.

We could easily see where this past summer's range fires had threatened the buildings at this location. Some portions of the fire came very close, and the site was lucky to be spared. There are a few people who live in the area, but not many. Most, I'm sure, are here as LDS missionaries at the Fort.

As soon as we exited our truck we were greeted by a Mormon woman who offered to show us around the Fort grounds. I'd heard that there would be some proselytizing, but for a free tour I figured we could listen to what she had to say.

Cove Fort Historic Site, Utah.She told us of the Forts history and a few interesting stories of those who lived here over the years. She guided us through the various rooms inside the fort, and explained the uses of some of the more unusual items that were used by the pioneers. Here and there, thrown in among her discussion of the history of the place, she added little quips about her religion and beliefs. Not being prone to confrontation, we let her say her peace. We each have our view of the world around us, and are each entitled to that view. After all, the Fort is LDS property.

It would have been nice to just wander around on our own, but she did let us take all of the photos we wanted, and she did answer all of our questions about the location. When we were done she walked us back to the parking area.

10:33 a.m.
We finished up with our tour of Cove Fort. I'd have to say that it was a pleasant, personal guided tour. It was just the three of us. There were a few other visitors ahead of us, and a few others arriving as we left, but the site wasn't crowded.

There are clean, modern restrooms, drinking water, picnic tables, and shady trees. It is well worth the time to stop at least once.


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