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 Topaz Slough Wildlife Management Area

UT Icon Utah Division of Wildlife Resources
Southern Region Habitat Section
1470 N. Airport Road
Cedar City, Utah 84720
Topaz Wildlife Management Area, Utah.

The Topaz Slough Wildlife Management Area (Topaz Slough WMA) is part of the old Sevier River bed. The water source stems from springs and irrigation runoff.

Topaz Slough WMA is a historical use area for waterfowl and marsh dwelling species. Many different species of birds such as ducks, coots, geese, kestrels, great blue herons, and various shoreline birds can be found during the year. Occasionally, big game animals like antelope use water on the west side of the slough. Furbearers include coyote, badger, red fox, and muskrat. Small game species that inhabit the WMA include cottontail rabbits, ring-necked
pheasants, and mourning doves.


Located 15 miles west of Delta in Millard County, Utah.


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Topaz Wildlife Management Area, Utah.

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