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 Historic Wendover Airfield

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Historic Wendover Airfield
345 S. Airport Apron
Wendover, Utah 84083
Phone: 435-665-2308 | FAX: 435-665-0172 | E-mail

Donations and Volunteers
1940 East 10980 South
Sandy, Utah 84092
Phone: 801-571-2907

Historic Wendover Airfield main building.

The Historic Wendover Airfield is dedicated to preserving World War II Army Air Force history, educating present and future generations about this period by allowing visitors to experience the feelings and understand the circumstances of the WW II era participants. The Airfield strives to maintain the maximum originality of the Wendover Air Base and re-create authentic exhibits and displays to stimulate a living connection between the visitor and the past.

Operations Center, museum, vintage aircraft, signed walk, control tower, restrooms, and drinking water.


From I-80 east, driving west, exit to Wendover's main strip. Turn south at the Shell Gas Station, just barely on the Utah side of the border. Head straight through two stop signs until you can go no further. The Historic Wendover Airfield sign directs you to the left, which leads into the operations building parking lot.


  • Hot summers and cold winters.
  • Often windy and very exposed.
  • Sunrise/Sunset
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Regulations and Precautions

Historic Wendover Airfield main buildings and tower.

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