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 Bluff Fort Historic Site

UT Icon Bluff Fort Historic Site
Bluff, Utah.
Bluff Fort Historic Site in Bluff, Utah.

In 1879-80 Mormon pioneers built a wagon road between established communities in southwestern Utah and the Four Corners area. They spent six months blazing a route across some of the most broken and rugged terrain in North America. Upon their arrival in the San Juan area, in April 1880, they established a small community called Bluff City. Their first dwellings were one-room log cabins lined up next to each other to form the exterior walls of a fort for security. The fort consisted of an open square outlined by forty to fifty cabins whose doors and windows all faced the center. A meetinghouse at the north end of the fort was used as the church, school, and community center. The remains of these buildings are protected within the Bluff Fort Historic Site.


On the main road in the heart of the town of Bluff, Utah.


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Bluff Fort Historic Site in Bluff, Utah.

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