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 Fort Pearce Ruins

UT Icon Fort Pearce Ruins
BLM: St. George Field Office
345 East Riverside Drive
St. George, Utah 84720
Phone: 435-688-3200
Fort Pearce, Utah.

Fort Pearce was built in 1866-67, during the Black Hawk War. It is a small structure erected to protect a water source in Pearce Wash. No battles were fought at this location. The fort never had a roof.

About two miles further down the main road there is a large concentration of dinosaur tracks in a sandstone wash. There are also petroglyphs located along Pearce Wash.


  • To Fort Pearce
    This was a difficult route in, so see our personal notes for a detailed discussion of the directions into this site.)

  • To the Dinosaur Tracks
    Before the turnoff to the Fort Pearce parking area, continue 2.1 miles farther down the main dirt road. There is a sign indicating the parking area.

  • See also the detailed directions in our personal notes.


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Regulations and Precautions

Archaeological Resources Protection Act Hotline: 800-227-7286.

The landscape around Fort Pearce, Utah.

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