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 Fort Bridger State Historic Site

WY Icon Fort Bridger State Historic Site
PO Box 35
Fort Bridger, Wyoming 82933
Phone: 307-782-3842
Fort Bridger State Historic Site, Wyoming

Fort Bridger was established by Jim Bridger and Louis Vasquez in 1843 as an emigrant supply stop along the Oregon Trail. It was obtained by the Mormons in the early 1850s, and then became a military outpost in 1858. In 1933, the property was dedicated as a Wyoming Historical Landmark and Museum.

There are several restored historical buildings from the military time period, a reconstruction of the trading post operated by Jim Bridger, and an interpretive archaeological site containing the base of the cobble rock wall built by the Mormons during their occupation of the fort. In addition, a museum containing artifacts from the different periods is housed in the 1888 stone barracks building.

Drinking water, gift shop, historic structures, living history, markers, museum, picnic area, restrooms, trails, visitor center, and Volksmarch Trail.


Fort Bridger State Historic Site can be reached by taking Interstate 80, Exit 34 (east of Evanston), then driving approximately 3 miles south.


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Regulations and Precautions

  • No alcohol.
  • No horses.
  • No firearms or fireworks.
  • No overnight camping.
  • No bicycles on footpaths or grass.
  • No throwing of objects such as Frisbees, balls, horseshoes, rocks, etc.
  • No open fires. Cooking fires in grills only.
  • Pets must be on a leash.
  • Observe handicapped parking signs. Violators will be towed at owner's expense.
  • All special events must be approved and require a 30-day advance permit.

Archaeological Resources Protection Act Hotline: 800-227-7286.

Fort Bridger State Historic Site, Wyoming

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