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Day hikers hoping for a glimpse of a wild animal.

Camp > Guide > Backcountry Considerations > Encountering Wild Animals

Coyote in Yellowstone National Park.Backcountry Considerations

Encountering Wild Animals

This page presents some basic information and suggestions on what to do when encountering wild animals in canyon country.





All animals and plants within our parks and monuments and the backcountry in general are considered to be wild and part of a complex and protected natural system.

Feeding Wild Animals

Feeding wildlife in most national and state parks and monuments is strictly prohibited (this includes squirrels, chipmunks, birds, and deer). In fact, feeding any wild animal can be dangerous to both yourself and the animal you are feeding. Wild animals that are fed by people are less likely to survive the winter, so keep wild animals wild. Let them find their own natural foods. Here are a few reasons to keep your food to yourself.

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